The best stories are the ones that are both true and unbelievable at the same time.

For Sales Cloud, we talked to a customer from Confluent  (who just so happens to be married to one of our salespeople).  He told us a story about an interaction on camera during a weekly sales scrum that could only have happened during the pandemic  - and how they used Sales Cloud to stay focused. It was, in a word, hilarious, and too good to be left to the imagination.

So we hired actors and re-enacted the entire thing. 

For Service Cloud, we talked to our customers from ICS+. They told us a story about a job site that had so many miscues that they swore it was haunted. But, no matter what happened, Service Cloud had the answer for everything. This story was just too weird to remain a tale you tell around a campfire.

So again, we hired actors and re-enacted the whole thing.
Why did we do this? To have some fun. To tell a different type of customer story. To experiment. To portray our Trailblazers as a brand new type of hero.

Did it work? Traffic from these films (and their :30 cutdowns) drove more visits than usual to our  product pages. And when they were there, they looked around a little bit longer than usual. They piqued interest. That’s what films like these are designed to do.

And, most importantly, they probably put a smile on their faces, especially during a time when those smiles were harder to come by.