During the pandemic, the world of sales drastically changed. Gone were the days of in-person meetings, analog solutions and old processes. Those who adapted thrived. Those who didn’t were looking for answers fast.

With Salesforce’s standing as an industry thought leader, it fell upon us to share not just our knowledge, but to provide access into the methods of most influential salespeople in the world. And with our launch of Salesforce+, a new streaming service for live and original content series, we were provided with a huge opportunity.

So we created a documentary series that tapped into those relationships with the best salespeople in the world and asked them to reveal what their secret sauce is. We called it “Think Outside the Quota”, and it was an instant hit.

We launched Season One with eight episodes:

John Barrows, CEO of JB Sales, urges sales leaders to not turn their teams into robots.

Forbes CRO Jessica Sibley wants sales teams to wait, then innovate.

Cynthia Barnes, CEO of National Association of Women Sales Professionals, proves how diversity sells.

FUBU CEO Daymond John talks explains that community grows opportunities.

Salesforce Senior Vice President of Sales Jennifer Lagaly tells salespeople that they are not their number.

DonorsChoose CRO Katie Bisbee shows how great things happen when sales and marketing come together.

DocuSign’s Robin Joy explains how when you bring new partners and technology together, you get huge returns.

And pro skater and entrepreneur Tony Hawk urges everyone that authenticity is everything.

Season Two is currently in the planning stages.

Pulling off an original series like this on a streaming service requires a large team to work together. Somehow, we pulled it off, with members of the brand creative and content teams, product creative and content teams, film production, experiences, legal and web development all taking on their respective roles and making it happen.