To raise awareness for the Salesforce brand in a non-traditional way, I initiated a partnership with The Mission, a content company run by veterans. We developed an idea that we pitched to our senior leadership for a unique promotional opportunity - a podcast called “The Story”, where each episode would highlight different trailblazers who changed the world. This would fit right in with our Trailblazer Marketing initiatives.

In order to get this initiative funded, I led The Mission through our preferred vendor queue, and then introduced them to executives. We were able to procure sponsorship from Salesforce as the sole presenter of the series, which represented a pilot program for us. I then worked with both The Mission and Salesforce to help direct the narratives for each season, and what the ad copy would be in both the podcast and their emails. I managed the relationship so The Mission had the space to see their vision come to life without sponsor inteference. I worked with our sponsorship team to create a Dreamforce giveaway. And I organized a live podcast recording  at our “Women Trailblazer” event featuring Lynne Zaledonis.

This initiative has performed beyond our wildest expectations. In Season 1, we had:
  • Podcast Downloads: 147,798 download
  • Total Impressions: 7,370,859
  • 5 Stars on Apple Podcasts
  • 10,912 entries for the Dreamforce contest

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the image below.