Salesforce is the undisputed leader in sales CRM. It's also a company that prides itself upon helping our customers be as successful as possible. With all the vast resources, knowledge, experience and connections at their disposal, Salesforce felt it was their duty to create a site that would serve as a thought leadership platform to help any sales professional get ahead - no strings attached.

With that in mind, we created Quotable, a destination of sales insight and tips, with articles penned by leading sales authors and top Salesforce executives. The goal is to create and foster a community where sales people can learn and teach - with the driver being shareable quotations that can serve as quick thought starters.

The site was launched in March of 2016 with 26 articles, each written by a different sales leader, serving three different personas. We've expanded it to a podcast series, interview films and to publications for handout.

Launching a site is easy. Keeping it going is difficult. We've kept up interest by drafting off Salesforce's SEO, providing assets to authors and thought leaders to share with their followers, developing relevant stories, expanding our portfolio of content and promoting the right conversations at the right events.

By May, we were up to 62,941 unique visits, which represented 93% surge from our big launch. We've kept steady ever since, with 10,000 subscribers close to fruition.