At Dreamforce 2018, we introducing Einstein Voice, a way to make artificial intelligence more powerful by simply talking to it. But at a loud event, how could we get our attendees to try that out?

Simple. We invited them to get inside the head of Einstein. Literally.

At the opening of our product zone, we created large, over-the-top Einstein heads and dangled them from the ceiling. Their backs were hollowed out, and our attendees were invited to walk inside and play a virtual reality game that you won by simply talking to him, beginning with the words, "Hey Einstein!" As you played, you learned how your voice could solve problems in sales, service, marketing, commerce and in any industry - with Einstein’s help. It inspired them to learn more inside the zone, where they explored product demos, presentations, customer stories and more to help them understand the full capability of voice-activated artificial intelligence.

The goal for the zone was 13,000 lead scans. The attraction of “Hey Einstein” helped draw in 14,621 (including over 9,000 workshop scans), with 350 consultations scheduled.

Here’s a film about Dreamforce in general, with a large piece about “Hey Einstein”.

The San Francisco Chronicle featured the “Hey Einstein” exhibit even before Dreamforce began.

And attendees were not shy with placing their “Hey Einstein” bobblehead poses onto social media.

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