I had the privilege of writing many of the commercials, print ads and billboards for EA Sports during the early 2000s, helping to build a hot brand that was establishing itself in pop culture.

Here's some of the work I was involved in.

Each year, the entire company would be involved in pitching ideas for the Madden launch. It's the lynchpin of the entire EA Sports brand. This campaign was my favorite to work on, as we traveled across the country on a jet to film Ray, Ricky and Tony before training camp.

NBA Street was not about playing in big arenas. The game featured streetball played in some of the most memorable playgrounds around the world. Our advertising wanted to capture that, so we teamed with graffiti artist Misk and legendary motion graphic company Psyop to develop a look-and-feel that's purely NBA Street.

We pitched an idea for EA Sports to run ads before the NFL and NBA Drafts that would welcome rookies to the big time. They loved the idea, threw money at it, ran them during the draft, and received great press about them from luminaries like Bill Simmons and Peter King.

We also ran a campaign for the immensely popular NHL game for EA Sports. It's a fun, visceral game designed for hard hits, both on the goal and on your opponent (as in legal body checks, not punches). We didn't want to shy away from it; it's part of what makes hockey appealing.

And here's some print and outdoor work that I'm proud of. Sports is a lot of fun to work on, especially when capturing it in a single image.