BIG AIdeas

2023 saw the explosion of AI apps, GPTs and AI services hitting the market. And everyone was asking the same question: How can we use AI to do more, be faster and be better?

At Dreamforce 23, with 45,000 AI experts, thinkers and doers all in one place, we figured this was an incredible opportunity for us to ask a way more important question: How can we use AI for good?

We did just that at our Big AIdeas exhibit.

We mounted a giant split-flap board from our friends from Oat Foundry in the middle of our conference's busy main avenue that loudly and demonstratively ran through a series of big ideas about how we can use AI for good.

The size and the flapping sounds of the board was something that made attendees stop and look. When they did, we invited them to tell us how they would use AI for good. We helped them fill out a simple MadLibs on a mounted iPad and then boom! Their big AI idea appeared on the board for them. FLAP FLAP FLAP!

Most of them took photos or videos of their ideas flapping onto the board and shared it on their socials.

The best ideas were highlighted on the following day on the split-flap board, inspiring more great AI ideas for good.

Now can we do anything about these ideas on the spot? No. AI isn’t that advanced yet. But we can plant the seeds, So after our attendees typed in their big AIdea, we invited them to attend the Dreampitch at Dreamforce, where three entrepreneurs pitched how their own companies are using AI to make the world a better place - with the winner taking home $250,000.

We captured 202 big AI ideas over the three days of Dreamforce. Some of them were silly. Most of them were poignant. All of them are here.

The split-flap board was a great device to stop what they were doing, think, and then re-frame how our attendees were thinking about AI. And who knows? Maybe next year, one of those big AIdeas from this year is being presented to our Dreampitch judges at Dreamforce 24.