Dreamforce is a big deal with over 170,000 attendees doing one of a million things at once. And because of that, it’s difficult to grab people’s attention. That’s why every innovation zone has a big shiny object to pull people in. They’re designed to be entertaining, informative, buzzworthy and relevant.

In order to draw people into our Lightning Launchpad, we strayed away from a product message and moved into the realm of pure fun. That’s why we strapped jet packs on the backs of our attendees and invited them to virtually fly around a national park while picking up Trailhead badges. (Trust me, it makes sense).

After playing the motion-sensor game, picking up training badges along the way, they were led into a learning area where Salesforce experts helped them with hands-on training and the ability to upgrade from the legacy UI (Classic) to our new innovative one (LIghtning) .  

Over 800 attendees played Badge Catchers, which was almost at capacity. They were then led to the assessment bar. Almost 4000 attendees took a Lightning assessment - which was twice the amount as 2016. That’s almost 4000 accounts that have moved to Lightning and increased innovation.

As the Creative Lead in the Lightning Launchpad zone, I was responsible for:
  • The creative leadership in the game, from graphics to jet packs to messaging.
  • The vision and direction for all creative elements in the zone - even beyond “Badge Catchers”.
  • The entire attendee journey - from entering to assessment to the theater.

Here’s how it played out.